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Engage your heart
Shift your mind
Shape your actions


Engaging and inspiring, Nia will provide the play book to mobilise hearts and minds when and where it counts. Learn how to bridge the intent-impact gap in driving change.



Inclusion when and
where it counts


Our front-line insights and executional experience will equip your organization to go beyond current norms and achieve a whole new level of engagement.



Building bridges
of belonging


Learn to move beyond behaviours and be the leader who can heighten loyalty and motivation. As an inclusive leader you will unlock the power of perspectives in those around you.

Nia Joynson-Romanzina
Director & Founder
Daily Telegraph 2016 Global Diversity list of top 10 Diversity Consultants, 

Going beyond behaviours

At iCubed we believe that winning hearts and minds is the future of engagement. The feeling of true belonging unlocks the ROI of Diversity: Diversity of perspective. What happens at the table makes or breaks that dynamic.


When leaders become fluent in the currency of trust, the economy of belonging, elevated engagement and mobilistion, will be at your fingertips.


iCubed brings the essential expertise, experience, skills and tools to bridge the intent-impact gap, drive cultural change and inspire inclusion in your organization.


Always with pragmatism.


"Nia's speech was inspiring. It has change the way I think about diversity, and as myself as a leader. She really helped my colleagues and I get what the D and I mean, what it means to us, our teams and our organisation. Clarity at last!"

"This is someone who really knows what she's talking about. And finally someone who can turn abstract ideas into implementable projects."

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