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About iCubed: bringing D&I values to the table

iCubed can help you, your team and your organisation tap into the competitive advantage of the ROI of Diversity: Diversity of perspectives. Together we will take inclusion and the diversity that naturally flows from it to the next level by:


  • Bringing D&I values to the table and embedding it in your organisations DNA

  • Going beyond changing behaviour and into changing mindsets and perspectives. When perspectives change, numbers will follow

  • Embedding “deep flexibility” into everyday business practices

  • Mobilising grassroots change.


We work with organisations to bridge the intent-impact gap taking them beyond the status quo to the next level of inclusion and engagement. We provide individuals, teams and organisations with access to a rich source of deep expertise, experience and skills in cultural change and Diversity & Inclusion.


iCubed can help you identify, shape and implement your strategies, with pragmatism and cost-efficiency.





About Nia: A champion for the uniqueness in all of us

Nia Joynson-Romanzina is a D&I futurist specialising in the emotional power of belonging. She advocates winning hearts and minds to unleash the ROI of D&I: Diversity of Perspectives.


Nia knows what it means to be different “I grew up in Wales, where we always had to fight for our identity, the right to speak our own language and to be who we are.”


Former Managing Director and Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion for UBS and Swiss Re, Nia combines International Development at the United Nations and European Commission, with hands-on FTSE 500 global executive experience.


Her involvement in inclusion started early in her career. She worked to integrate excluded groups into the workforce at the European Commission and on socio-economic programmes, ranging from rehabilitating child soldiers in Mozambique, to water sanitation in Asia, to child-care in Italy [NJ1] with iNGOs.


She navigated unchartered territories with the United Nations, exploring the emerging power of the Internet. Inclusive values lay at the core of her work to bridge the growing digital divide, such as a UN / MIT joint-project providing digital access to Mayan Farmers in Mexico.


During her varied career Nia discovered somethings rarely discussed:

  • What happens at that table makes - or breaks – any change or D&I initiative

  • Diversity was polarising. But everyone agreed on the value of diversity of perspectives

  • Inclusion was desired around the world, but very few could tell you what inclusion was.


Named it the Daily Telegraph’s "Global Diversity List: Top 10 Diversity Consultant 2016", Nia is the brains behind the award winning Own the Way You WorkTM. This approach positions trust at the epicentre of agile working and deep flexibility: how, when and where we carry out our tasks. To date It has been adopted in over 40 locations globally, resulting in higher productivity, elevated engagement, increased retention and lower absenteeism.

An adjunct professor at IMD Business School, and featured Huffington Post Blogger, she is frequently quoted in publications and articles such as Act Like a Leader Think Like a Leader by Herminia Ibarra (Thinkers50), Future Work by Alison Maitland and George Washington University’s Diversity Dividends.

She sits on the Harvard’s Women Leadership Board, the EDGE Global Advisory Council, the WIN International Board of Advisors and the IMD Strategies for Leadership Advisory Board. She holds a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Cardiff, an MSc in Development Management and an MA in Mass Communications from Leicester University.  She is a Certified Executive Coach (ACC, CPCC) and Certified Change Manager (PROSCI).


Originally from Wales, Nia lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her Swiss husband and two, Welsh speaking, daughters. When not actively championing her cause, she enjoys being with and cooking for her family and friends at home overlooking Zurich lake and the Swiss Alps. She loves to keep mentally and physically fit through yoga, hiking and running.

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