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Executive coaching: Increase your impact


The ability to rally your employees around you to achieve ever more demanding business goals, with ever decreasing resources, is a sign of our times and a true test for any leader.


Your goal? To move beyond behaviours to be the leader who can maximize deep engagement, loyalty and motivation to maxmise your, your team and your organisation’s success.


As an inclusive leader you will unlock and leverage the power of perspectives in those around you; engagement, innovation and agility will soar. Learn to maximize team spirit, efficiency and decision making. Inspire and drive emotional buy-in and unleash the next level of commitment.


We coach Executives through deep sustainable transformation as leaders, offering an unique combination of established and holistic coaching methods, front-line FSTE 500 executive and International Organisational insights and deep expertise in inclusion.




D&I manager coaching: Unleash the ROI of Diversity


Become a credible, expert and effective 21st century D&I practitioner. Our coaching programme for D&I managers is perfect for Business or HR professionals who have moved into a D&I role, or for D&I practitioners whose mandate has expanded to include new unknown territories.

What’s mission critical? Integrating the power of perspective throughout your organisation. We will guide you along the path towards the future of D&I: The power of perspectives.

Learn to be a visionary and strategic leader: embrace the public aspects of the role and turn it into an advantage, develop effective D&I strategies, successfully implement those strategies and measure their success, be an internal catalyst of change, interact with executive leaders and how to thrive, not survive, in the role. 



D&I Council / Employee resource group leader coaching: Maximise your D&I ecosystem


Ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your D&I ecosystem. D&I Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), or Employee Networks, are potentially powerful strategic partners in any cultural change initiative, in particular D&I.


Your mission? Mobilise grassroots movements. Find those hidden spots so that you can orchestrate a bottom-up approach to change.


Our programme will coach D&I Council and ERG leaders to step up to a visionary role, take advantage of the future trends of engagement and maximise the impact of your efforts.


You will learn: to mould your role around the future of D&I. key benchmarks to become a more strategic partner, how to use future trends to collaborate, to effectively tackle stakeholder management, to set 

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