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The economy of belonging


We believe that when diversity of perspective is prized at the table, you have the hearts and minds of everyone there. When people feel included and valued they will get behind anything.


They don’t have to agree: they have to be heard.


To drive deep and sustainable change you cannot leave people behind, you must bring them with you. To bring them with you they must trust you.  iCubed looks beyond behaviours to the real dynamics of belonging and engagement, key components of successfully executing any business strategy. Leaders must be fluent in the currency of trust.


Unleash diversity of perspective, the ROI of D&I


D&I is not defined by the differences of the people in the organization. It is defined by the differences of perspectives in the room. Diversity of perspective is sought after. It creates a climate where everyone has the confidence to speak up and feels his or her opinion is heard.


iCubed can help when:

  • you are just starting out on your change journey

  • you need to re-vitalise a dwindling initiative

  • you are stuck at the wrong edge of the knowing – doing gap.


Bringing deep expertise developed over years of front-line experience, we will work with you, your leaders and employees to leverage diversity of perspective as a strategic advantage. Together we will unlock and leverage the business advantages of an inclusive culture and truly diverse workforce. Implement the future of D&I: the diversity of perspective.


Together we will
  • Firmly embed D&I in your business strategy and in the mindsets of leaders and employees

  • Develop a tailored and holistic D&I strategy and action plan that heightens engagement and strengthens your business goals

  • Drive an implementation strategy that wins and engages the hearts and minds of your people

  • Inject D&I into your business practices and processes

  • Foster an agile attitude to the way that you work

  • Work with leaders and teams to live D&I at the table


We will also help you
  • Develop D&I Leadership eloquence

  • Create a D&I platform and communications strategy

  • Select and train impactful D&I Champions

  • Enable HR professionals to embrace and embed D&I in their daily work

  • Shape and organize successful Diversity Councils and Employee Resource Groups (Networks)

  • Select, Hire & Develop D&I Managers

  • Orchestrate effective stakeholder management and buy-in


Programmes are tailored to your needs and include
  • Engaging men in D&I

  • D&I competency building

  • Agile working

  • Connecting generations

  • Working parents

  • Achieving Gender Balance

  • Mitigating Unconscious bias awareness, skills and tools

  • Development programmes for particular target groups


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