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A D&I futurist, Nia’s unique vision takes inclusion and the diversity that naturally flows from it to the next level.  By focusing on the emotional power of belonging, through winning hearts and minds, audiences will unleash the ROI of D&I: Diversity of Perspectives.


Nia will engage and inspire your audience to break away from conventional wisdom and look to the future. She will show you how to bridge the intent-impact gap, giving your audience access to a whole new level of engagement. Your attendees will get the play book to live inclusive values when and where it counts.


A champion for the uniqueness in all of us

Nia combines International Development at the United Nations and European Commission, with hands-on FTSE 500 global executive experience.


She has presented to diverse organisations such as AON, Canadian Association of Insurance Women, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, European Association of Corporate Counsels, European Pension Fund, IMD Business School, Microsoft, PPG, St Gallen University, Swiss Federal Government, Swiss Re, The Guardian, UBS, UN Women, Unilever, US Embassy to Switzerland and more.


From knowing to doing

Nia’s inspirational and interactive style combines real-world perspective with pragmatic and implementable actions. Delivered with passion and humour her programmes are perfect for events geared at growth, change, diversity and the future of engagement.



When you need to inspire and equip you leaders to engage and drive change, from global Boardrooms to Government conventions, Nia will get it done. These keynotes combine compelling story-telling, front-line insights, research findings and practical steps. You will walk out of these sessions ready to champion the uniqueness in all of us.















Nia’s workshops take you to a deeper level of understanding and action planning to build the engagement needed to achieve high performance and change. A highly interactive experience, these workshops explore practical solutions and effective execution, that require sustained levels of engagement.




Follow-up webinars deliver pragmatic ideas, hands-on actions and skill based learning to a broader audience. They are a cost-effective and scalable way of mobilising change throughout your organisation.

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Nia Joynson-Romanzina Diversity & Inclusion Futurist, Speaker

"Nia is an amazing speaker. She dares to unveil realities that many times we keep in denial. She is inspiring and provides ideas and solutions to make a difference in an organisation through D&I"

Simona Scarpaleggia, CEO IKEA Switzerland

"Nia is both fully engaged and fully engaging. She speaks with passion and great authenticity. This combined with Nia's deep knowledge and experience makes for a winning combination."

David Cole, CFO, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

“Words which literally capture the cadence of your voice and the essence of this evolving subject. How you have refreshed the subject of D&I on an international stage. Nia gives us all the courage and inspiration to grow talent”

Barbara Bufkin, Executive Vice President, Hamilton Group

“Nia shared such relevance about the future of engagement in a real, compelling, fun story-telling manner. Unforgettable!”

Christiane Bisanzio, Chief Diversity Office, AXA


Hearts and minds: the future of engagement

Nia examines leadership dynamics that maximise loyalty and motivation. Get a new perspective that goes beyond current organisational norms. Dare to engage with the power of emotions. You will leave with a sense of purpose and a strategy on how to unleash the next level of engagement.

We belong here: inject inclusion where it counts


She will take you on a journey that looks at what really happens at the table: the dynamics of inclusion. Leadership is the lynchpin at the table – unlock the power of perspectives and innovation will follow. You will revitalise your vision of yourself as a leader and ideas to implement that vision.

Emotional Capital:

the economy of belonging


Building on the current thinking on Inclusion, Nia explores the business case of belonging. She explores how leaders can leverage the power of perspectives by moving beyond behaviours. You will learn how to make engagement, innovation and agility soar. 

Feeling it:

the emotional power of belonging

This hands-on workshop is for leaders who want to motivate their teams to run that extra mile. Participants will learn how to apply strategies to win the hearts and minds of their people.

The currency of trust: intent, interact, include

This workshop offers a candid examination of the dynamic and structure of trust in ever changing environments. Participants will leave with a practical action plan to maximise team spirit, efficiency and innovation.

We belong here:

dynamic dialogues that bring inclusion to the table


What really happens at the table makes or breaks inclusion. This workshop goes beyond current thinking, offering practical strategies on how to lead the dynamic to unlock perspectives and improve decision making.

Work smart:

the next workforce anthem

Learn the basics of agile working, a model where one size does not fit all. Walk away with a winning approach and lessons learned to address how, when and where we carry out our work.

Mobilise your movement:: implementing lasting change

Get a new perspective on how to implement change through grass-roots mobilisation. Learn how to build a platform that inspires and drives emotional commitment.

The future of commitment: trends and findings on sustained engagement

This webinar examines the latest trends in sustained engagement in complex and matrix environments. Learn how to go beyond behaviours and earn the emotional commitment of your team.

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